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This website contains images visualising some of the complex processes underpinning the water environment and its management under the Water Framework Directive (WFD).

The website focuses on different concepts relating to groundwater and its management. There are two different groups of images:

1. Individual images (published in May 2007)

The website hosts over 1000 images, covering many topographic and land use settings and depicts concepts such as pathway characteristics (e.g. aquifer type, vulnerability), pressures on groundwater and receptor type (e.g. river, wetland, borehole). The images are set in rural lowland, rural upland and urban lowland scenarios. You can apply different scenarios in order to select a package of images relevant to their own individual requirements.  Please use the “perform a search” button to access these  images.

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2. Storyboard images (published in October 2009)

The website also hosts over 70 images that are grouped together to tell particular hydrogeological stories, with accompanying explanatory text. There are seven scenarios: monitoring, groundwater flow, floodplains, groundwater and surface water interactions, saline intrusion, karst, and groundwater pollution. You can download images in groups or individually. Please click on the button below to access the storyboard images. Note that these images will not show if you use the 'perform a search' button above.

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More information about conditions of use of the images is available here.

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News and Updates

WFD goes visual

SNIFFER is pleased to announce the launch of the WFDVisual website. From 15 May 2007, visitors to the WFDVisual website can search and download images depicting groundwater concepts and its management under the Water Framework Directive from a database of over 1000 images.

For further information on WFDVisual, including detail on how you can be involved, please contact Gina Martin at SNIFFER, email: or telephone 0131 524 9748.

Posted: 25 May 07

Key themes for the future

The key themes that WFDVisual hopes to address in future include rivers, lakes, coastal and traditional waters, wetlands, artificial water bodies, monitoring and river basin planning.

Posted: 15 May 07

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